An exciting incentive trip in March
Icelandic nature, superjeeps, ice tours and a gala dinner.
The Project

The task was to create a once in a lifetime experience for well traveled group that had „seen it all“.  

The request was to challenge them, create a sense of competition between them but at the same time given them the chance of experience things together. 

The focus was on both city and nature – showcasing both best of Reykjavik, giving them the taste of modern Iceland in the beginning and then spend the remaining part in the Icelandic nature – and at the same time making sure that they got the VIP treatment throughout the program.

The Solution

Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland – is a young and vibrant city which is constantly changing but still manages to keep its original heart intact.  It is a melting pot of music, arts and modern society and this was the emphasis of the the first days of the incentive program.  The opening night was held at Harpa where drag queens and kings greeted the guests along with fire eaters that escorted them to their venue.  The night was spent looking at the amazing view from Harpa and take in the atmosphere.  One of the great benefits of the greater Reykjavik area is its closeness to great activities and the following day was spent in the Blue Lagoon where they enjoyed a private massage area followed by some great adrenaline filled activities. The evenings focus was down town Reykjavik and its vibrant nightlife where a cafe was transformed into a private nightclub for the guests where some of the the leading entertainers of Iceland performed into the early hours of the morning.

The following day the program changed focus and the Icelandic nature became the star of the show.  A large gala dinner in a tent for lunch on Iceland second largest glacier along with snowmobiling and a visit to a natural ice tunnel were among the days highlights. The day finished off with refreshments in a greenhouse and private party in a barn.

The final day was spent being challenged by some of Iceland´s strongest vikings followed by some crazy off road driving where the guests got to fully experience what the Icelandic super jeeps can do.

The Result

A very happy client that left Iceland inspired and with experiences that will not soon be forgotten.