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Their experience is our passion

We listen, wach and play 24/7. As we hear brand new musical expressions or golden oldies we listen to what the people of Iceland want to hear. We watch movies all day and night and see what other people want to see. As we play games, read books and check out the new toys we notice what tickles the curiosity in others. We work with the senses, the creativity and the warm welcome of our fellow countrymen. Your experience is our passion.

What we do
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The diversity of entertainment and culture that we provide is almost endless, whether you enjoy it in the comfort of your home or if its making your heart beat faster in the company of hundreds of others. Below see our divisions.



We operate a digital music library and are the largest distributor of music on the icelandic market. These days we release about 20-30 icelandic albums each year in addition to giving music lovers all over the world access to Icelandic music online, but our catalogue consists of almost 70% of all Icelandic music ever published. We are authorized representatives of Universal, Warner, EMI and Sony/BMG and therefore we embrace all music. We love all music equally: old, new, pop, rock, rock, jazz, blues or children's music.

Video Games

The best games from many of the biggest producers travel through Sena. We represent PlayStation and the gaming geniouses of Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, Konami, Activision, Take 2 Interactive, THQ, Atari, Sega and Vivendi Games. We are amused indeed.


Organizing huge concerts comes close to being the most fun in the world. We have had many of the biggest names in rock come over, as well as popstars and masters of classical music. Doing big and small local shows with Iceland's main artists is also our speciality and often we work closely with our music publishing division, creating great synergy between a concert and a new album. We have also produced popular theatre events, some of wich drew full house for months, even years, on end. There is no kind of an event we can't do so on our roster you can also find dance shows, stand up shows, variety shows and comedy hypnotists shows.

In addition to local legends, these names bring back memories in Iceland: Justin Timberlake, Eagles, Bob Dylan, Chris Cornell, Deep Purple, Diana Krall, Eddie Izzard, James Blunt, Jarvis Cocker, Joe Cocker, José Carreras, Josh Groban, JS Ballet, Katherine Jenkins, Katie Melua, Kiri Te Kanawa, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Ray Davies, Sissel Kirkebo, Snoop Dogg, Sugababes, The Shadows, Uriah Heep and Van Morrison.


If anything other than music and literature is central to the cultural scene it has to be the movies. We distribute the blockbusters of 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and The Weinstein Company. We also produce icelandic films and operate The Green Light (Græna ljósið), a branch that specializes in finding and communicating independent and artistic movies from all over the world.

Movie Theatres

We operate theatres in three locations. Smárabíó is the most popular and advanced movie theatre in Iceland, boasting the 3D latest technology in every hall and the best sound systems available. Borgarbíó in Akureyri is one of Iceland's oldest still in operation. The newly renovated Háskólabíó boasts five technically advanced halls.


Literature is inseparable from icelandic cultural identity. We believe both in the traditional  type of books printed on paper and the modern electronic versions. Content is everything and our titles multiply in numbers.


It would be no fun if toys weren't around to play with. We become children again distributing the toys from Playmobil, Mattel, Tomy, Ke Mathiasen, Canenco, Playbox, Dantoy, Unice and Happy People.

The Sena family
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We function much like a rock band, each member honing his instrumental skill and vision to make the concert perfect. Below you can see who the players are.


The people

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Not everyone gets to work with the things they love. But we are lucky. Each day new music awaits us to communicate, movies to project, video game records to shatter, books, toys, events and concerts to look forward to. Click below for a list of the lucky ones.

Staff list
Name Job title Division Email
Ásta Edda Stefánsdóttir Cashier Finance asta [hjá] sena.is
Björn Sigurðsson CEO Office bjorn.sigurdsson [hjá] sena.is
Fjóla G Traustadóttir Reception Office fjolag [hjá] sena.is
Guðmundur Breiðfjörð Marketing Director of Movie Division Films breidfjord [hjá] sena.is
Halldór Baldvinsson Head of Toy Division / Label Manager of International Music Toys / Music halldor [hjá] sena.is
Jón Halldór Brink Sales Sales jon.brink [hjá] sena.is
Ísleifur Þórhallsson  Head of Marketing / Head of Event Division Office / Events isi [hjá] sena.is
Karl Ottó Shiöth Reporting and Financial Analysis Finance karlsc [hjá] sena.is
Konstantín Mikael Mikaelsson Head of Film Division Films tino [hjá] sena.is
Margrét Ingólfsdóttir Accountant Finance margreti [hjá] sena.is
Margrét Sif Hákonardóttir Accountant Finance maggasif [hjá] sena.is
Ólafur Þór Jóelsson Head of Video Game Division Sales olafur.joelsson [hjá] sena.is
Ómar Arnason Sales Representative Office omar [hjá] sena.is
Sólveig Þórarinsdóttir Chief Accountant Finance solla [hjá] sena.is
Ragnheiður Harðar Harðardóttir Finance Manager Finance ragnheidur [hjá] sena.is
Viðar Brink  Project Manager Marketing vidaro [hjá] sena.is
David Þorisson  Head of Cinemas Cinemas david [hjá] sena.is
Asta Maria Harðardóttir Operation Manager of Cinemas Cinemas astam [hjá] sena.is
Birgir Heiðar Guðmundsson  Graphic designer Rifsber birgir [hjá] rifsber.is

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